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Dipo Adesina - Africa’s Business & Investment Consultant

Dipo Adesina is an author, serial entrepreneur, a coach, and an inspirational speaker. The gift of being able to merge his business, academics, and life experiences to create a lasting impact on his audience has made Dipo an increasingly sought-after speaker.

For over a decade, Dipo Adesina has been developing global businesses, and empowering millennials around the world on the importance of investing, and owning a business. He is the current president of the Young Enterpreneurs of Nigeria, USA

Dipo Adesina is an author, serial entrepreneur, a coach, and an inspirational speaker. He is the founder of AgroAngels, a platform that enables Africans in diaspora to invest in one of the fastest growing sectors in Africa, Agriculture.

He is also one of the executives at GuraRide, the first Ride Sharing Company in Africa that is dedicated to reducing carbon emission by offering alternative means of transportation with Electric/Smart Bikes and Electric Scooter.

Mopelola Kola-Lawal is a certified Real Estate professional with about twelve years’ experience in the Nigerian Real Estate Industry.

She is the Managing Director of Modaville Realties Plus, a Real estate investment advisory and
marketing firm which serves the Real estate needs of clients both in Nigeria and abroad.

She is the founder of the Diaspora Investors forum and convener of the Nigerian Real Estate & Wealth Expo, an annual conference which educates Nigerians in the Diaspora on how to safely navigate the Nigerian Real Estate Market. The combination of her passion for Wealth creation, Real Estate and Travel drives her to explore global Real Estate Markets and continuously seek to change the narrative of experiences of Nigerians in Diaspora as it relates to Property Investment in Nigeria and filling the housing deficit gap in Nigeria. She is the publisher of the Homes & Spaces Nigeria, a magazine which attempts to positively project the image of Nigeria.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Estate Management from the University of Lagos, Nigeria as well as an Executive Masters certificate in Project Management from the Project Management College, UK. She is also a member of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers(NIESV)

Chiko Abengowe - Enterpreneurship & Investment.

Chiko as he is popularly called is the Founder/CEO, Perfect Staffing Solutions LLC and Perfect Office
Solutions, LLC. Both companies have a combined revenue of about $5 million yearly.
He graduated as a Scholar in the 10K Small Business Program by Goldman Sachs in partnership with
Warren Buffett & Michael Bloomberg.
He founded Perfect Staffing Solutions, LLC December 5 th , 2012, a full-service staffing company with
over 50 employees and founded Perfect Office Solutions, LLC August 14 th , 2014, a company providing
Affordable, Professional and Flexible work space solutions for Entrepreneurs and small businesses
owners. Currently with 7 current location and over 400 private offices, with more locations on the way.
He is known for his passion for entrepreneurship and Investment and would speak on the subject at the

Gbenga Olaniyan - Keynote Speaker.

He is presently the Principal Partner of Gbenga Olaniyan & Associates (Estate Surveyors & Valuers) and the Chairman, Board of Directors of Estate Links Limited (International real estate Consultants). Estatelinks Limited is the international arm of the real estate practice with offices in Surrey, England; Philadelphia, USA and affiliates in South Africa.

Gbenga Olaniyan and Associates was voted firm of the year in Lagos State by members of the Nigerian institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (peer review) for 2017-2019.

He is a Fellow of Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (NIESV); Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), International Institute of Rating and Revenue Valuation (U.K), and the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).

Gbenga is regularly invited to corporate events to speak on real estate and construction, the most notable being the Africa Day at the London Business school and Harvard Business School respectively where he was a guest speaker and given a rating of “outstanding” by the African students of the institution (2012). A graduate of University of Lagos, he has attended several executive courses over the years including the Lagos Business School for the chief executive programme, the University of Liverpool, UK, for his MBA, the Harvard Business School, Boston USA.

At the expo you will learn

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet reputable property developers from Nigeria, discuss/ virtually view their ongoing projects, discuss flexibility of payment and get discounts on the spot. Meet mortgage banks with products for the diaspora market and discuss financing your home.

Rental Income/Cash flow secrets

Where and how to invest in specific building types for guaranteed cash flow. Apartments, terraces or detached houses. Cash flow strategies like Long term leases, shortlets etc.

Land Banking

Find out how to invest in assets like Land that are a great store of Value and not prone to depreciate. Even when buildings depreciate the Land beneath does not. Buy and Hold techniques.


Practical ways to get started investing or boost your existing portfolio. Understand how to Leverage on the power of many, invest in Real Estate through a pool of funds. Investment clubs, crowd funding and co-investing platforms. Get juicy discounts from developers as a group.

The Nigerian Real Estate Market

Is the Nigerian Real Estate market rebounding? Is it a good time to invest in Nigeria? Which locations give the highest returns?

Off-plan Sales

How to identify the best off-plan deals and make the best of the option, flipping or expanding your portfolio using the off-plan technique.


Can I access financing as a Nigerian in living in the Diaspora?? Discuss the rates and criteria to qualify to own your dream home back home.


Network and be a part of a community of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and like minds. Explore to new collaborations.

Multiple Income Streams/ Investments

Get tricks & techniques to stay out of bad debts. Discuss multiple income streams, Investment consciousness and wealth building lifestyle.

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